2019 Sessions

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#stuffacademicssay: Twitter and the Teaching Life
Teresa Chahine, Emily Gordon, Joanne Freeman, Michael Kraus, Fiona Scott Morton, Jason Stanley
A Beginner’s Guide to Siteimprove
Sarah Lynch
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Beyond IT: Using JIRA/Confluence for the Editorial Process
Laurie Toth, Meredith Crawford, Reilly Hartigan
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Captioning Your Videos: Options and Best Practices
Michelle Morgan
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Change Management for your project: A guide to stakeholder analysis
Beth McKinley
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Delete Your Account: The Surprising Benefits of Consolidating Your Social Media Presence
Zoe Keller
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Digital Trends: New, Now, Next
Mike Connery
Digitizing the Dissertation Process
Vijayshree Erodula, Deepa Thomas
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Does Your Content 'Spark Joy?' A Guide to Content Audits
Zachary Schwartz, Julie Ramaccia
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Engaging with Your Community
James Tucciarone III, Michael van Emmenes, Daniel Powell
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Going Paperless with Dynamic Forms
Jill Bassett
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Graphing Yale's Theatrical History
Catherine DeRose, Alexandra O'Keefe
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Introducing the Yale UI Component Library
Michael Harris
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Is My Website or Application Slow?
Harry Shyket
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Keynote Presentation | An Ordinary Morning in New Haven: Thoughts on the Virtue of Reality
Michael Morand